Power Amplifier


ราคา: 37,500*
พิเศษ 27,900*


ราคา: 37,500*
พิเศษ 27,900*


ราคา: 57,500*
พิเศษ 42,900*

Pre Amplifier

M-PWR new

ราคา: 29,500*
พิเศษ 21,900*


ราคา: 44,000*
พิเศษ 32,900*


ราคา: 53,500*
พิเศษ 39,900*



2005 saw the formal reintroduction of the Audiolab brand. Made famous in the early and mid 1980s with such blockbuster products as the 8000A and later the 8000Q and 8000M amplifiers, Audiolab was a firm favourite of hi-fi dealers throughout this period. The new range is very much back to the original philosophy, with Jamie Kelly, Head of Engineering and Audiolab stalwart, back at the helm. In addition to all the 8000 Series favourites, the brand new 8000CD player is winning critical acclaim from all corners. Innovative features, such as dual power supplies and the finest transport/DAC combination in any product of its type, have been introduced to make these products 'must-haves' for any budding audiophile. The addition of Home Cinema pre and power amplifiers to the range brings it right up to date. All of the latest 7.1 channel formats are supported, giving peerless performance at the price.

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