MOON Integrated Amplifier



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340i new

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For over three decades, the drive behind the most passionate design teams has been to create a connection between science and sound. To identify, quantify, understand and finally deliver to you, the nuances that make a recording as believable as a live performance. This has been the unwavering goal of the MOON design team as well. Well into our third decade now, we are recognized as one of the few who have successfully transcended beyond science into bringing you the spirit of a musical peformance. All made possible by our extensive know-how, and a host of proprietary technological advancements. Since the early days of the compact disc, various technologies have each demonstrated their strengths and weaknesses. Our engineers have carefully studied the performance envelope of these technologies and the various formats, resulting in numerous award-winning designs that have graced the historical timeline at Simaudio. From reference-grade amplifiers, preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers beginning in the '80s, to State-of-the-Art disc players since the dawn of the new millenium, all have exhibited unmatched technical excellence and tour-de-fource in engineering; the results speak for themselves. Want to play your favorite CD's from the 1980's? Or how about spin those records from the 50's, 60's and '70's? A MOON system can make you relive all that ... and with astonishing fidelity too. Our digital solutions embody the latest technologies, 32-bit resolution, custom upsampling techniques, and no holds-barred analog stages. Our phono solutions employ unique circuit designs, top-shelf componentry and unprecedented flexibility. Our amplifiers make a superlative statement on their own: enormous power supply headroom, overwhelming output stages and the finest parts available. And where parts are not available, we have them custom-made. Do you desire to experience the heart-stopping "thwack" of a kick drum, the emotional and spellbinding sound of a violin note, the spine-tingling sensation of a single piano note or the mesmerizing intensity and vibrato of a guitar chord? A MOON system will always deliver! Our reputation also goes beyond technical and sonic excellence. The prestige of a MOON product is perhaps fully realized after years of trouble-free service and dependability. Extraordinary build. Superb design. The finest parts. Meticulous attention to every aspect of its assembly, testing and finally perfecting. The uncanny reliability of MOON products have a well deserved global reputation. Finally, one more important aspect of a MOON product is its minimal impact to the environment. Our future depends on what we do today. Minimizing a carbon footprint is more than just building products that last a long time. It's also about partnering with both suppliers and sub-contractors who embrace this same philosophy.

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