Caspian M2

ราคา: 110,000*
พิเศษ  .79,900*

Kandy K2

ราคา: 71,600*
พิเศษ 39,900*

Kandy K3


ราคา: 74,800*
พิเศษ 59,900*


ราคา: 199,600*
พิเศษ 145,000*


With over 25 years experience of producing high quality, great sounding equipment, its components are the recipients of literally hundreds of glowing reviews and a unprecedented number of awards worldwide. With products ranging from vinyl replay turntables to stylish, bluetooth-enabled amplification, Roksan Audio is the choice of thousands of music-loving customers from around the globe who favour peerless audio performance and highest quality British manufacturing.

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