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Onkyo ND-S1 Digital Media Transport
New-Generation iPod Interface Emphasizes Sound Quality

In line with the growing convergence in entertainment formats, Onkyo has developed a sophisticated interface device for incorporating an iPod into your home entertainment system. The ND-S1 digital media transport not only provides a seamless link between your portable media player and your home theatre, it also lets you sync an iPod with iTunes at the press of a button. A single USB cable connects the ND-S1 to your PC, while a single digital audio output connects it to your compatible A/V receiver, amplifier, or mini system. Accurate, high-definition digital sound is ensured, thanks to a high-precision circuit clock.





High-Quality Digital Audio Outputs

With the ND-S1, your iPod’s precious audio files are transported in pure digital form from the unit’s optical or coaxial digital output. This provides a cleaner signal path than is the case with analog outputs, resulting in playback quality that’s more faithful to the original.

A Direct Link to Your PC via USB Port

Through the USB port located on its rear side, the ND-S1 provides a single-cable connection to your PC. This opens up access to a wide range of audio and video content stored on your computer, which the ND-S1 can then in turn send to your connected amplifier, receiver, or mini system.

Easily Sync Your iPod with iTunes

Place your iPod in the ND-S1’s docking slot, and with a single button press you can sync it with iTunes on your connected computer. Alternatively, if you just want to keep your iPod content as it is, the ND-S1 provides the option of bypassing the automatic sync procedure.

Recharge Your iPod While Enjoying Your Music and Videos

Your iPod will be recharged as long as it is sitting in the docking slot, and as long as the ND-S1 is connected to a power source. Even if you’re simultaneously playing back a song or video, your iPod will continue to be juiced up.


  • Easily Links iPod touch (1G and 2G), iPod classic, iPod (5G*), iPod nano (1G*, 2G, 3G, and 4G)
  • High-Precision Circuit Clock (±10 ppm) for Precise Digital Processing
  • Works with Onkyo A/V Systems with USB Port and Audio/Video Terminals
  • iPod Video Playback
  • iTunes Sync/Unsync Switch
  • Audio Selector (iPod/PC)
  • Resume Music and Video Playback Function
  • Shuffle Function for Random Playback of Songs/Albums
  • Repeat Function (1 Track/All)
  • Auto Power On
  • Digital Outputs (Optical/Coaxial)
  • USB Port
  • Composite Video Output
  • Direct Change (Automatically Switches Input Source to iPod)
  • iPod Recharging Function
  • Remote Control Operability via Onkyo A/V System’s RI (Remote Interactive) Remote Control
  • Exclusive Remote Controller Supplied

*Available in Extended mode only.


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