Magnet Iso-Clean 500

ราคา : 15,280*
ราคาพิเศษ : 12,490*


Custom designed massive 500VA high current ISOLATION toroidal transformer. 


Special Features :

1. Isolation Transformer 500VA with Line Conditioner
2. 2xDuplex Receptacle (can be upgraded to Oyaide Receptacle)
3. Minimum Noise Attenuation : -30dB@20KHz : -50dB@50KHz : -80dB@100KHz
4. Eliminates RF and EMI interference from the AC Line both of common mode and differential noise
5. 960 Joules maximum surge energy
6. 2000W High Power Output (without line conditioning)
7. Three LED indicated AC line status (power, ground and phase)
8. 10mm. anodized face plate
9. Packaged in an artistically massive steel chassis constructed of 1.5 mm thick.

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