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[ Philosophy ]

Mission statement

Anniversary Set
Passion for music - ELAC brings it to life.

Audio fascination

Listen to tranquillity. See with closed eyes. Become one with the music. Have the best seat in the concert hall. Front row tickets. Feel the music. Totally  immerse yourself in it. Share our fascination with sound - ELAC.


Paar auf Sofa
Music makes us feel truly alive. Music brings back memories. Music uplifts and exhilarates us. It can comfort and relax us. We know that and feel the same way. That's why we build our speakers to please, not to profit. We have the right choice for everybody.

Passion for quality

X-JET Montage
Finest German Engineering - call us  conservative, but quality is more than just a word to us. It is our passion. That is why no speaker leaves the ELAC factory without thorough German approval.

Proprietary Technologies

FS 509
One does not have to talk about technology leadership, you simply have to hear it. ELAC products have won a considerable number of awards worldwide, and for good reasons. Whether it is our Jet Tweeter or bass driver with crystal membrane, in every ELAC loudspeaker you will find the knowledge and skill of our experienced German engineers.


Anniversary Set schwarz
Ever since our company was founded, we have sought to achieve the very best. This holds true as much today.

ELAC Moments

The music provided by ELAC loudspeakers shapes unique moments, creates fascination and leaves a lasting impression.


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